Call for Abstracts - Tracks

You are invited to submit an abstract for your proposed presentation or training course. Submitted abstracts should enhance the technical discussion of the various initiatives and technology supporting aging aircraft issues while continuing to focus on airframe structural integrity, emphasis will also be placed on those common technologies that effectively support aircraft integrity, equipment reliability and airworthiness in general, and on new developments in military or commercial aircraft integrity programs. Submission of abstracts in these areas is highly encouraged.

Listed below are the tracks for more detailed information.

Overviews & Case Histories

The analytical and/or experimental results of aircraft structure for full-scale fatigue tests or in-service aircraft.

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Structural Health Monitoring

Development of on-board sensors and determination of their effectiveness for measuring damage (e.g., fatigue cracking, delamination, corrosion, etc.) in inaccessible aircraft locations.

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Structural Teardown Assessments

: The data management, part identification and tracking, section extraction, section disassembly, coating removal, NDI and failure analysis of full-scale fatigue tests or in-service aircraft.

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Loads & Environment Characterization

The determination of external and internal loads of typical aircraft structure and the environments to which they are subjected.

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Characterization, Modeling & Testing

The material characterization, analytical modeling, and experimental testing of coupons, components, and full-scale aircraft structure.

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Prognostics & Risk Analysis

Description of probabilistic risk analysis methods, generation of experimental data, and correlation of analytical/experimental results at any point in time in the life of aircraft structure.

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Life Enhancement Concepts

Development of techniques and determination of their effectiveness to generate beneficial residual stresses (e.g., cold working, laser-shock peening, etc.) in aircraft structure.

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Repair Concepts

Development of structural concepts, analytical methods, and experimental data for restoring the structural integrity of damaged aircraft structure (e.g., composite repair of aircraft structure).

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Replacement Concepts

The development of advanced materials and structural concepts (e.g., unitized structure, hybrid structures, etc.) for replacing more conventional aircraft materials and structures.

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Critical Deadlines

Abstract Submission July 17
Abstract Notification Aug 21
Final Presentation Submitted Nov 13